Corrado Giuspino is a jewellery designer and producer.

His first collection, in 2010, immediately caught the attention
of the 
international clientele of the Costa Smeralda, where
he lives and works.

A graduate of the Accademy of Costume and Design, Rome,
Corrado’s influnces are the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s, and the
Orient, where he often travels to source pearls, jade,
lacquer, onyx, and precious and semi-precious stones.

His collections are often inspired by the decisive lines of Decò.
He mixes the colours of the stones in ever new combinations,
often using grey as a base to emphasise and refine the other
Corrado’s work is contemporary – jewellery which leaves
room for the 
interpretation and creativity of the women who
wear it.

Every piece is unique and hand-made.

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